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Deed Preparation Services

Standard Docs helps clients confidently prepare deeds for a full range of real estate properties. As a highly organized team, we provide a structured process that ensures no details slip through the cracks. We’re experienced in drafting deeds for a variety of needs.

  • Warranty Deeds: Confirms ownership and grants permission to add, delete, or transfer real estate property
  • Beneficiary Deeds: Official documentation for who will inherit a property when the owner passes away; the deed is recorded but does not grant ownership until a death certificate is recorded as well
  • Deed of Release & Reconveyance: Used for paying off a private loan and releases the legal claim that is created by the deed of trust
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: Gives a property back to the lender in lieu of foreclosure upon agreement of the borrower and lender
  • Deed for Property Split or Consolidation: Begins the chain of title for a property when a survey creates a new legal description
  • Deed for Easement: An easement deed allowing another person to utilize part of a property without transfer of ownership
  • Deed Of Trust: Assures lenders that investments are secure
  • Timeshare Transfer: Transfers ownership of a timeshare to another person

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